A project by Peter Rhodes G3XJP, First published by RSGB in RadCom Aug 2002 to March 2004.

Related Yahoo groups:

picaproject membership mandatory before joining picastar-users group

picastar-users main support group for original design of pic-a-star, note add-ons (PAs, LPF, displays etc) must not be addressed to this group.

TftA_Central suport group for Tfta colour display

homebrew-radios for discusion of any subject matter not covered by other groups

Who they are....
Group pictures of constructors taken at radio rally's / car boot sales


Data on the 10M4D filters used by many constructors.

Pic A Star Boards modified by me

Below are modified PCBs to enable the use of easier to obtain components and the addition of a diode logic board

IF board - in SMT

BPF - in SMT

Diode logic / audio amplifier