The Photos!

Donnington October 2004

From left to right; Me (G6ALU), Mervyn GW3VXC (sadly silent key), Paul G0OER and John G6AK

Picture taken by Emma 2E1HRZ


Luton (Stockwood Park) May 2005

From left to right; Me (G6ALU), John, G3GIH, Harry G3NHR, Ray G4TZR, Eddie G0SEY, Paul G3ZCU, Andrew M0GJH, David G4HMC and Jim G3RTD.

Picture taken by Rod G3KCF

May 2006 - Luton car boot sale

A year on and back at Stockwood park - not much changed except for the weather, picture taken as before by Rod G3KCF


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May 2007 - Luton car boot sale

What a difference a year makes, Good weather and a good turn out.

From left to Right; Me (G6ALU), John G3GIH, Eddie G0SEY, Peter G3XJS, Calvin M1EPM, Paul G3ZCU, David G4HMC, Harry G3NHR, John M0TIF, Frank M0JSZ, Ray G4TZR.


May 2008 - Luton car boot sale

The biggest Star gathering yet?

From left to right; Tony G8BHY, Harry G3NHR, Me G6ALU, Rod G3KCF, Calvin M1EPM, Ray G4TZR, John G3GIH, Roy G8RCK, Paul G3ZCU, John M0TIF, Eddie G0SEY, David G4HMC, Paul G4WJH, Peter G3XJS, Ian G3VPX

Picture taken by Jacqueline M1EPL, also at the gathering but not in the photo were Paul M1PVC and Frank M0JSZ

May 2010 - Luton car boot sale.

The biggest and warmest (well for the UK) gathering yet!

From left to right; Calvin M1EPM, Steve G7WAS, Paul M1PVC, Ray G4TZR, David G4HMC, Harry G3NHR, Dom M1KTA, Roy G8RCK, Paul G3ZCU, Steve G6ALU, Rod G3KCF, Eddie G0SEY, Peter G3XJS, Tony G8BHY, John G3GIH, Lee G3SEW.

Others at the rally but not in the picture were John M0TIF and Roger G8JWT

The MK group discuss "next steps"


My little friend is eagerly waiting for CAT control!



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