Band Pass Filter Board - surface mount version


Underside of completed BPF



PCB files for board manufacture

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Circuit schematic

Design files

This is a development of Peters BPF board using surface mount COG / NPO capacitors in place of Silvered Mica / Polystyrene types. PCB plot  

BPF Components list Excel

BPF Components list Acrobat

Note that all tunning capacitors (all 0603 size) must be of the NPO / COG type

Note that the schematic is "standard" except that tuning capacitors may be made up of several values in parallel - see component list for details

Filter response plots - note these were made with a double sided PCB variant of Peter's original design and not with the surface mount design.

Photos to assist with construction:

PCB Topside
BPF C16 detail


Item affected


28-06-07 Component list C1 - C6 duplicated, duplicates removed - thanks to G3YYD for pointing it out