Digital SWR meter kit

An SWR meter is an essential requirement for any radio shack; this is a design for a general-purpose instrument that will read SWR and power simultaneously. Being digital it is easy to incorporate several functions that are not only useful but in the case of the reverse power alarm could avoid an expensive repair bill.

For input power below about 20W the unit can be powered from a PP3 type battery, when powered from 13.8V the unit will read beyond 140W. The meter is designed to read peak power.

A backlight is oofered as yellow / green which has high contrast and has good viewing angles.

  • HF coverage - 1.8-30MHz
  • Displays SWR, forward power, reverse power and supply voltage
  • Peak reading power meter
  • Bar graph or numerical format
  • Reverse power alarm with adjustable threshold
  • Auto turn on in presence of RF – sensitivity about 1 Watt
  • Optional turn off after preset time – 10-240 Seconds
  • Backlit LCD display with variable brightness
  • Reverse polarity protection


Construction manual V1.1
This is for kits shipped after the 28th of Nov. 2010 - check the version number on your bag labels. The display backlight current has changed necessitating a change in the value of R18 and R32.

NEW Construction manual V1.1 in Spanish
Thanks to Jon EA2SN for the translation.

RK SWR Meter construction manual
Version 1.0 in pdf format - Check version number on bag labels.

Drilling template
Printout with Adobe Acrobat reader, set paper size set to A4 and page scaling set to "none". Stick onto case as described in construction manual and use as a drilling template for the holes and cutout.

To follow
Print and laminate as a front panel

To follow
Print on acetate and use as a front panel, the print will then be on the reverse side so it doesn't become scratched

To follow (PDF)
Large type format which is easier to read than that in the manual

RK SWR meter PIC firmware
Download and modify for your own use. This will require the installation of MPLAB, download from the Microchip website free of charge.

Old data

No old data yet!

NOTE: Kit version can be found on lists in all component bags

Kit Contents

The kit contains all PCB mounted components including display, connectors and a ready programmed micro. The builder will need to provide a suitable case; it will fit the case used by the MKARS80 so it is listed as an option.

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