Hunter - SDR Receiver / Panadapter


NOTE - Windows 8 users

Several builders have confirmed that the USB driver IS suitable for Windows 8.


  • Monitor a wide frequency span
  • Adds Panoramic adapter function to a commercial transceiver without internal modification
  • Tunes transceiver to selected frequency via CAT control
  • Powered from USB
  • Kit includes a high quality PCB, all components, case and solder.


Construction manual version V1.1 suitable for kits version V1.3

Drilling template

Front and rear panel labels

Hi res schematic

PCB Detail

Software links

Download and install

USB Driver
Download and install the USB driver, this should be self installing. You will have to copy ExtIO_Si570.dll to the HDSDR directory.

CFGSDR setup
Download and install CFGSDR. This is used to comunicate with SDR software.

The only use you need to make of this tool is to calibrate the Si570, all other settings are made within the AVR processor when programmed. Note that this will automatically install the USB driver.

Download and install, this is required to CAT control your transceievr from HDSDR.

Note when HDSDR and USB is running within HDSDR click on "EXTIO", on the calibrate tab click on Calibrate under "Calibrate A", this will calibrate the software to within a few Hz. Leave Calibrate B until you know everything is working correctly.


Tuition Videos

Surface mount soldering techniques, flux helps but is not esential.

Optimising sound card settings withWindows 7


Will be posted soon

Old data

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Kit Contents

The kit contains PCB, case, all components and a generous quantity of surface mount (0.46mm) solder.

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Hunters are currently out of stock - please contact me by email if you wish to purchase one.