Linear amplifier construction data

Like everyone else building Pic-A-Star I'm building my own PA, thinking that a modern approach (and low cost) is necessary I'm planning on building a 40Watt LDMOS amplifier, probably using 4 off RD16HHF1 devices.

Here I have collected relevant data sheets for information, some have been "pinched" of the authors sites... if they want them back let me know!

Transistor data

RD100HHF1 App note

Philips application notes:

ECO6907 Design of HF wideband power transformers
ECO7213 Design of HF Wideband Power Transformers; Part II
NCO8602 A wideband power amplifier (25 - 110 MHz) with the MOS transistor BLF245
NCO8703 A wideband linear power amplifier (1.6 - 28 MHz) for 300 W PEP with 2 MOS transistors BLF177
NCO8705 A linear amplifier (1.6 - 28 MHz) for 8 W PEP in class-A with the BLF175
SC19 Power amplifier design

The much referenced Motorola application notes:

AN-758 1KW 2 stage HF PA
AN-762 Amplifiers for mobile operation
AN-779 Low distortion 1.6 - 30MHz SSB driver designs
AR-313 Wideband RF power amplifier design (using MOSFETs)
AR-347 A compact 1KW 2 - 50MHz solid state linear amplifier
EB-104 Get 600W from 4 power FETs
EB-27A 300W PEP linear amplifier
EB-63 140W (PEP) Amateur radio linear amplifier 2 - 30MHz

These Motorola application notes can be obtained from Communication Concepts, they are referenced on each amplifier page..

Other papers:

1997 MTT Presentation Stabilizing Mosfet Amplifiers

Other relevant sites of interest

Communication concepts, a USA based company supplying PA kits and components to the radio amateur
Throbatron Serious MOSFET power for the lower bands at realistic prices
Another IRF510 amp