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We have now received the new custom made MKARS cases, these have been made locally using the latest laser cutting and automatic bending equipment. There is no longer any requirement to drill or file holes!

Steve G6ALU



  • HF general coverage 2.5MHz - 30MHz (typically 1 - 30MHz)

  • Powered from USB interface

  • Uses external sound card 48-192kHz

  • Built in antenna changeover rated at 100W, can be used with any transceiver as a panadapter and will automatically tune transceiver via CAT control and Omnirig software



  • Full 80M LSB coverage (3.5 - 3.8MHz)

  • > 5 Watts output power

  • Frequency display with "Huff and Puff" circuit

  • Modulation monitor - helps stop over modulation

  • Volt meter - useful for battery operation

  • Reverse polarity protection (fuse protected)


CW Adapter


  • Adds a CW function to simple SSB transceivers

  • Useful for CW sending practice

  • Shaped keying

  • Built in side tone (Approx. 800Hz)

  • Adjustable side-tone level, hang time and drive level

  • Switchable narrow receive filter

  • Reverse polarity protection (fuse protected)

  • Iambic memory keyer – by permission from DL4YHF (webpage)


Digital SWR meter


  • Displays SWR, forward power, reverse power and supply voltage

  • Peak reading power meter

  • Bar graph or numerical format

  • Reverse power alarm with adjustable threshold

  • Auto turn on in presence of RF – sensitivity about 1 Watt

  • Optional turn off after preset time – 10-60 Seconds

  • Backlit LCD display with variable brightness

  • Reverse polarity protection


Caption generator


  • Superimposed or full screen text

  • Coloured background when in full screen mode

  • Internal sync when no video input present

  • Text entered via directly connected PC type keyboard

  • 8 Pages of text stored in eeprom (no backup batteries)

  • Push button for changing viewed page when keyboard isn't connected

  • Video bypass switch


Map added 14th November 2010